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Hey there! I’m glad you stopped by this little space of mine. A little about me? I’m a pastor’s wife living outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a twin mama of the sweetest little blessings, who have filled our hearts and home with so much joy. I work for Christian Adoption Consultants as an adoption consultant. Christian Adoption Consultants were an integral part of our adoption journey and we couldn’t have done it with out them. I feel truly honored and grateful to be a part of something that I’m so passionate about. And I consider it a joy to help guide families through their own adoptive journey.

These days you can find me in the kitchen making mac n’ cheese for the kids (their favorite) or dancing around the playroom with the twins as I sing, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” at the top of my lungs. I don’t want to paint a “Pinterest perfect image” of our life because let’s be honest-that doesn’t exist. Life is hard, marriage takes work and parenting is anything from easy. And mine are no exception. We do have a lot of fun over here, but our lives are messy (quite literally these days)! Simply put: we really need Jesus (and coffee, please!).

Although my heart is so full, it hasn’t always been easy. The Lord has used the hard times to give me a deeper understanding of His love, grace and purpose for my life. Through the cancer, infertility and loss, God has been so very faithful to us. Even when your eyes can’t see what God is up to and you find it hard to follow His brush strokes-He is at work. He is creating a masterpiece- something MORE BEAUTIFUL than you could ever imagine.